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Taylor is the founder of Cascade Community Connections, a social service organization that provides businesses solutions for diversifying their workplace and hiring people of all abilities. Taylor moved to Port Townsend after working as a translator and teaching English in South America for four years. She holds a Bachelors’s of Science in Mathematics and Education. Taylor is an active board member of Olympic Neighbors and Community Inclusion for Everyone (CIE), providing residential solutions and helping organize community-based events for people with developmental disabilities. Taylor believes that community connections are vital for all folks, especially those with developmental disabilities, thus has worked diligently to create opportunities for people of all abilities to have a meaningful presence in our county.

  • Enable businesses to increase productivity by placing qualified workers with disabilities

  • Help identify opportunities to restructure tasks for staff efficiencies

  • Offer employees who can fill part-time jobs

  • Carve jobs that meet the needs of your business

  • Provide Pre-screened Applicants, Environmental Assessments, Safety Audits, and Training

  • Work with staff to welcome people with disabilities in your workplace

  • On going one-on-one training to ensure productivity

  • Cost Analysis

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