Andrenika Slade [Nika]

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Nika is an enthusiastic explorer with a love for the land and wildlife which she translates through her fieldwork, maps, and expeditions. She is the founder of Koda Maps, a creative cartography and GIS organization that aims to encourage conservation of local ecosystems, resources, and wildlife in remote locations.

A graduate of Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University, Nika studied Environmental Resource Management and Geographic Information Systems. She has worked as a field research assistant in Massachusetts for The Nature Conservancy, BiodiversityWorks, The Methow Conservancy here in Washington, and Adventure Scientists in Montana. When Nika is not mapping she is out conducting field work as a Wildlife Biologist or with Outward Bound leading students in the North Cascades Wilderness and sailing longboats on the Salish Sea (in conjunction with the NW Maritime Center).

Nika was most recently the lead GIS specialist developing an interactive web map for the Online Off Trail Guide and The Lander Front mapping project with the National Outdoor Leadership School and Chamber of Commerce in Lander, Wyoming. She was the lead Cartographer for Northern Red Desert conservation mapping project with the Wyoming Outdoor Council.

Her goal is to continue developing Koda Maps within the CoLab community, and get ready for her next expedition in the Arctic!