Financial Spring Cleaning: Do your future self a solid

Financial Spring Cleaning: Do your future self a solid
Dates: Every Wednesday5-7pm from April 11 to May 16
Location: The CoLab, 237 Taylor St, 2nd Floor, Conference Room
Instructors: Morgan & Ian Hanna
If you're like most people, you never got any real training in personal finance, financial literacy, or the economic system. Perhaps your relationship with money is chaotic or anxiety producing. Do you have debt that's killing you every month? No idea where the paycheck goes? Maybe you're doing good, but want to 'retire' as early as possible. 
Regardless of where you're at, it's time to get fluent with money and put the stuff in its rightful role - as a tool to help you live the life you want. 
This six-class series was designed out of our own experience in a personal financial turnaround. It will give you a framework to anchor your understanding of the money system, help you understand key concepts, and build keystone habits that your future self will thank you for profusely. 
Using a seminar format, we'll draw heavily on leading authors, bloggers and original thinkers in this space and give you access to a body of knowledge that you can continue learning from to whatever degree you want. 
We hope you can join us - it's a lot of fun and you'll be amazed how quickly you can change your relationship to money. 
The fine print:
  • If you know you can't attend all six classes, we ask that you wait for a future series. You'd be missing too much and we need to offer the space to people that are committed to the whole series. 
  • Couples who have shared finances are required to take the class together. 
  • This class is completely free, no strings attached. Donations to our featured charity, Swan School, are encouraged, but totally optional. 
  • There will be homework. Consider if that works for your life before committing. 
To hold your spot or get questions answered, email