Port Townsend Web Developers Meetup

Port Townsend Web Developers Meetup

Once again we invite you all to bring your appetites for knowledge (and pizza), your thirst for enlightenment (and beer) and, of course, your actual physical selves (since we don't have a suitable VR setup... yet) to the monthly Port Townsend Web Developers Meetup at the Colab!

With the recent spate of beautiful weather, ever-increasing sunlight and the imminent daylight savings time change (this Sunday, don't forget!), it feels as though we have tentatively passed over the threshold from winter to spring, which means we're all gazing longingly at our outdoor recreation gear, deciding what to plant in our gardens, considering re-integrating those tucked-away summer sandals into our shoe racks, and wondering what we can do to better secure our webservers.

Well, maybe we're not all doing that last one. But for those of us who are, we're in luck, because at the next PTWD meetup Chris Allen will tell us all about security basics for hosting systems! Chris will cover a slew of security-related topics for multiple server environments including firewalls, SSH, encryption, logging, permissions, access control and intrusion protection. And afterwords, we will all be ready to do some server-side spring cleaning.


Once again we will be at The CoLab (http://go.ptcolab.com/en) and we will be doing announcements and show-and-tell before the presentation starts. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments.

Thank you to Totera Web Systems for sponsoring our meetings and The CoLab for providing a wonderful space to meet! 

More information about this month's topic is available on our Meetup page >