Port Townsend Web Developers Meetup

Meetup #22 — The Great or Decent Gatsby

Is gatsby really great, or just okay? Is it the next.js best thing? Do I even care about any of this, or can add these to a list frameworks for me to invest way too much time into so that I can join in arguing over them on reddit...?

All of these questions and more, will most certainly, quite possibly be answered or forgotten about when we put this presentation together at the very last minute the night before!

But, if you're interested in react, or ssr, or static websites, and wanna come geek out with us (or if you're name is Chris, and you wanna just come and do the presentation the right way), there will be plenty of beer and pizza - Yay, beer and pizza!!

And for those who don't have time for entire paragraphs and just skimmed to the bottom of this: react.js, gatsby.js, beer, pizza, awesome hang.

* * * * * * *

Presented by Kiyota and Gage

Once again we will be at The CoLab and we will be doing announcements and show-and-tell before the presentation starts. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments.

More information about this month's topic is available on our Meetup page >

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